Nuby Natural Touch  an innovative, natural, BPA free feeding system
The safest, closest to breast feeding, most comfortable baby feeding experience  

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Nuby Brand
Nuby is distributed in over 150 countries around the world, with Intersun beeing their sole representative in Israel.
The Nuby brand covers feeding, weaning, soothing, play, bath and boasts patented innovations in all of its categories.
Nuby provides high quality, innovative, safe products that are inspired by nature and make the lives of babies and parents easier, simpler and more fun.
Parents and children can feel safe in the knowledge that Nuby products have been developed, researched and manufactured to the highest standards.
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NEW! Nuby Natural Touch
Nuby Ntural Touch is a new and revolutionary range of feedign products that is  closest to natural breastfeeding.
 bisphenol A free, and a silicone nipple designed to mimic mother's breast in size, shape, feel and movement offer a feeding solution that is closest to natural feeding.
Check out the unique and exclusive feeding spoon!
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